City approves bid for Meyer Hall partial re-roofing

hanks to the potential for torrential rains this winter, local roofers are doing triple, sometimes quadruple, the business they usually do.

“El Nino’s a friend to me because I’m making money,” Cencal Roofing’s co-owner Don Birchell said.

He says across the industry, roofers have been busier in the last few months than in the last few years of drought.

“It’s been crazy. The last three months the phone has been ringing off the hook. It’s all the talk of El Nino. People haven’t done anything on their roofs for 4 years because of the drought,” Mid-state Roofing’s Bill Duggins said.

Peak Roofing Inc. was cited on Wednesday for one willful violation for exposing workers at an Abilene, Texas, jobsite to falls from heights greater than 6 feet without providing fall protection, according to an agency news release issued on Thursday. The company has been cited for exposing workers to fall hazards at three different workplace locations in Texas since 2011, the agency said.

City commissioners approved a bid for partial re-roofing of Meyer Hall at their Monday meeting. They also rejected two bids for work on the Winfield Public Library parking lot and directed the city manager to renegotiate a contract with the lowest bidder.

Re-roofing will take place over the main auditorium area of Meyer Hall, located at Baden Square. That area of the roof has had leaks and the insulation under it is saturated, said community development director Patrick Steward. The roof was not replaced when the city renovated the building in 1999-2000.